Water chillers and condensing units Innova

INNOVA offers a complete and integrated range of water chillers for centralized air conditioning of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

  • Twenty years experience in the sector and a strong entrepreneurial spirit are INNOVA’s distinctive features. A winning combination, to offer the market fully flexible, high technology solutions. 
  • All cooling fluids used by INNOVA comply with the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols directives, they offer DPO=0 (Ozone Destruction Potential=0) and are used in cooling circuits designed to cut down energy dissipation and space, and eliminate gas leak to the environment.  
  • R134a and R410A are the refrigerants used by INNOVA in its cooling units for residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.
  • From fan coil units to chillers and roof-tops, INNOVA’s skill and professionalism can grant customers top production standards, attention to details, best COP levels, noiselessness: a guarantee of ideal comfort from INNOVA.
  • The vast selection of water chillers and heat pumps from 5 to 2500 kW makes up an essential part of INNOVA’s production.

Download INNOVA cataloque 2017, PDF 6.3 MB