Heat exchangers Vahterus

One of the base values of Vahterus’ strategy is ”Eagerness to innovate”. The PSHE or Plate & Shell heat exchanger technology is still quite new in many heat transfer applications, after another 26 years. Vahterus Plate&Shell heat exchanger is the forerunner in heat exchanger technology; compact and manufactured to a high standard of quality.

With its construction, the Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger combines the best features of Plate Heat exchanger and Shell & Tube exchangers:

High pressure and high temperature capability

With its round and fully welded construction, Vahterus unit offers a durable solution that can stand high pressures and temperatures.

Compact size

Vahterus PSHE requires only 25% of the surface compared to Shell & Tube heat exchangers, however, it is possible to construct PSHE exchangers with over 2000 m² of heat transfer area. The compact size of the Vahterus PSHE minimizes installation, operating and maintenance costs, which again saves energy and the environment.

Robust and gasket-free construction

The gasket-free construction is durable enough for the hardest conditions and prevents maintenance issues and no leakages in very high / low pressures and temperatures.

High thermal efficiency

The construction of the Vahterus PSHE creates high turbulence between the plates, which enables very high thermal efficiency. This allows user to take full advantage of a compact heat transfer solution in extremes of temperature and pressure, which was not possible in traditional compact heat exchangers.

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